Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I LOVE SNOW! We had loads so I went out to play in it!!

I've got a lot of pictures of me in the Snow...I had SO MUCH snow on me once I was like a giant snowball!!!

G And J Took me out in the snow 2 times and then G and M took me out in the snow once...but that's only so far, and there is still snow out there!

We met another dog once. He was really fun to play with, I'm 5 so he was much younger than me. But still a good play mate....

G went on the fast red thing which when you are on it it's really scary I went on it twice and I hate it! I hope I don't go on it again! The first time was ok-ish but the second time...well...we were going faster and leaning too far to the left more than I liked than BAM I got a face full of snow!!!!

That's it for now I hope you love the pictures!

G, have you fallen down there?
I'm not going on THAT thing

Ohhh there you are!

Snowball Topsy!!!
Hi Grace!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I'm really bad at keeping up with this but I will try and keep up!

CHRISTMAS is round the corner!!!!! I love Christmas, the snow, the excitement but I really love opening my presents it's loads of fun!!! But I find them hard if they are plastered with sellotape!!!!!

I'm just looking out for Alfie!

Not that long ago I went on a walk with Mummy, Daddy, Myra, Tom and Grace. One of Grace's best friends, Maya was there with her Mum and brother Rowan and Alfie the Dog. Alfie is a lot bigger than me, and younger too. He gets on my nerves, and he is really annoying!!!!! But at least I don't have to tolerate him every day...I can't even think about doing that!!! 

Alfie can get really tiring!

After the walk Grace put her jumper on the ground and Mum put the backpack on the floor and the combination was so comfy and I was so tired after the walk because of Alfie...I fell asleep. I can't help it!!!! It was comfier than it looks. xxx

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sorry followers here is some more of ME!!!

Yes as the title says sorry it's been a while since I could get my paws on a computer so I will try to get on it more (The humans put one in a draw so I cant get that one, and I try and get the one up stairs BIG MISTAKE!) here are some pics from what I have been doing!
I was on the landing I'm not allowed!
Don't look at me!
After being on the landing I was in BIG TROUBLE with a capital T so I decided I would give up... NOT! But I needed to sweeten up the mood first! 
You know you love me!
Am I cute?

After sweetening up the mood I had to try again but then a perfect chance came...L, J and G went on a holiday. I was sad but then I was happy because I had a plan!!! My plan was to break out of my cage, run upstairs and post a blog on blogger, shut the computer down run back down stairs, jump in my bed and lock the door again....I could not get past stage 1 breaking out of my cage!!! But I got myself on a laptop, but for me they are really hard to type with because the keys are so small!!!! That day they came back I was so pleased to see them again...but also pleased that I'd blogged in time! Got to go, I'll blog again soon. BYE!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

My first Dog show and more!

I was messing about with pictures and I found these

CHEESE yummy

My first doggie show! it was scary but Mummy and my Best Friend was there so it was much better my Best Friend took me out once and so did Mummy. I call me Best Friend BHF. Best Human Friend :).
Mummy you're so far away

I do love going in the car now but then o dear you can guess what happened can't you :(
Sorry BHF but I am driving before you Sorry.

This picture is a really nice one, says most people
This is what I won YES YAY PARTY! I really could not believe that I had won something
Did I mention my fave human food are cheese and carrots Marmite and of course SAUSAGES?! I don't like onions and PEANUT BUTTER o yes and most dog foods. I love the one I have now.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My first post

 Hey um... well here's my first post ... and well ... Here are a few pics of little me!
No thanks too wet (and cold)
This is a comfy nap time! zzzzz

 I LOVE being warm and comfy..
...But walks are awesome (better than awesome) but I do love a nap.
Lets go for that walk already!

The driver in front was a bit...well...slow
I HATE DRIVING and I HATE DRIVING ALL TOGETHER! after this problem anyway!!!