Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I LOVE SNOW! We had loads so I went out to play in it!!

I've got a lot of pictures of me in the Snow...I had SO MUCH snow on me once I was like a giant snowball!!!

G And J Took me out in the snow 2 times and then G and M took me out in the snow once...but that's only so far, and there is still snow out there!

We met another dog once. He was really fun to play with, I'm 5 so he was much younger than me. But still a good play mate....

G went on the fast red thing which when you are on it it's really scary I went on it twice and I hate it! I hope I don't go on it again! The first time was ok-ish but the second time...well...we were going faster and leaning too far to the left more than I liked than BAM I got a face full of snow!!!!

That's it for now I hope you love the pictures!

G, have you fallen down there?
I'm not going on THAT thing

Ohhh there you are!

Snowball Topsy!!!
Hi Grace!

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