Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Sorry followers here is some more of ME!!!

Yes as the title says sorry it's been a while since I could get my paws on a computer so I will try to get on it more (The humans put one in a draw so I cant get that one, and I try and get the one up stairs BIG MISTAKE!) here are some pics from what I have been doing!
I was on the landing I'm not allowed!
Don't look at me!
After being on the landing I was in BIG TROUBLE with a capital T so I decided I would give up... NOT! But I needed to sweeten up the mood first! 
You know you love me!
Am I cute?

After sweetening up the mood I had to try again but then a perfect chance came...L, J and G went on a holiday. I was sad but then I was happy because I had a plan!!! My plan was to break out of my cage, run upstairs and post a blog on blogger, shut the computer down run back down stairs, jump in my bed and lock the door again....I could not get past stage 1 breaking out of my cage!!! But I got myself on a laptop, but for me they are really hard to type with because the keys are so small!!!! That day they came back I was so pleased to see them again...but also pleased that I'd blogged in time! Got to go, I'll blog again soon. BYE!

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