Sunday, 22 January 2012

My first Dog show and more!

I was messing about with pictures and I found these

CHEESE yummy

My first doggie show! it was scary but Mummy and my Best Friend was there so it was much better my Best Friend took me out once and so did Mummy. I call me Best Friend BHF. Best Human Friend :).
Mummy you're so far away

I do love going in the car now but then o dear you can guess what happened can't you :(
Sorry BHF but I am driving before you Sorry.

This picture is a really nice one, says most people
This is what I won YES YAY PARTY! I really could not believe that I had won something
Did I mention my fave human food are cheese and carrots Marmite and of course SAUSAGES?! I don't like onions and PEANUT BUTTER o yes and most dog foods. I love the one I have now.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My first post

 Hey um... well here's my first post ... and well ... Here are a few pics of little me!
No thanks too wet (and cold)
This is a comfy nap time! zzzzz

 I LOVE being warm and comfy..
...But walks are awesome (better than awesome) but I do love a nap.
Lets go for that walk already!

The driver in front was a bit...well...slow
I HATE DRIVING and I HATE DRIVING ALL TOGETHER! after this problem anyway!!!